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The National Association of Nappy Services

Disposable nappies form 4% of household waste in Britain costing the tax payer £40 million each year to dispose of them. The cost to the environment is even greater: in the UK alone, we discard 9 million soiled nappies every DAY. These are put into landfill sites, and can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Now there IS a choice - disposable nappies or real cotton nappies. In many of our maternity units and nurseries, when it comes to nappies, parents are either denied or not offered that choice; it's a disposable nappy or a disposable nappy!

Modern cotton nappies come in all shapes and sizes - and not just old fashioned terry-towelling. The comfort and convenience of cotton is available in a wide range of nappies and wraps - without the need of safety pins!

Your local nappy service will take all the hassle out of using real nappies, and at a comparable cost to using disposables. The service will provide a delivery of freshly-laundered cotton nappies and collection of soiled ones direct to your doorstep every week.
Country United Kingdom
Public Email Address info@changeanappy.co.uk
Phone Number 0121 693 4949
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