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Disposable nappies form 4% of household waste in Britain costing the tax payer £40 million each year to dispose of them. The cost to the environment is even greater: in the UK alone, we discard 9 million soiled nappies every DAY. These are put into landfill sites, and can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Now there IS a choice - disposable nappies or real cotton nappies. In many of our maternity units and nurseries, when it comes to nappies, parents are either denied or not offered that choice; it's a disposable nappy or a disposable nappy!

Modern cotton nappies come in all shapes and sizes - and not just old fashioned terry-towelling. The comfort and convenience of cotton is available in a wide range of nappies and wraps - without the need of safety pins!

Your local nappy service will take all the hassle out of using real nappies, and at a comparable cost to using disposables. The service will provide a delivery of freshly-laundered cotton nappies and collection of soiled ones direct to your doorstep every week.
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Home About Services Links News Costs Advice Events For Business Contact Welcome to the Deafness and Hearing Impairment website supporting People all over the world suffer from some form of hearing impairment, and it is not just elderly relatives who have to suffer with this troublesome condition. There are a number of factors that can to the reduction of hearing range and ability, and at any age. It can happen at birth, during childhood, and at any time beyond. Loud noises, head trauma and othe