London Farmers' Markets | London Farmers Markets
Summary Find Farmers Markets in London.
Address 11 O'Donnell Court, Brunswick Centre, London WC1N1NY
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Country United Kingdom
Phone Number 0207 833 0338
Fax Number 0207 812 1061
••• home about news what can I buy? sell with us markets farmer's blog members About us Contact us Meet our producers Forever Green Flower Co Click for details London Farmers' Markets 11 O'Donnell Court Brunswick Centre London WC1N 1NY Tel: 020 7833 0338Fax: 020 7812 1061 Email: info@lfm.org.uk Our farmers’ markets offer the freshest local food to Londoners every week. Meet the farmers, fishermen, growers and bakers who all share a passion for home grown products. purple sprouti