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Summary In Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning, I show how our carbon emissions can be reduced by 90% by 2030 - without bringing civilisation to an end. Combining my knowledge of campaigning and environmental science, I show how we can transform our houses, our power and our transport systems. But I also show that this can happen only with a massive programme of action which no government has yet been prepared to take.
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Description itemprop=description yes, you heard that right. an eco-warrior. ever thought of that old furniture
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Turn up the heat My personal blog on the world Menu Skip to content Home Do you want to be an Eco-warrior? Yes, you heard that right. An Eco-warrior. Ever thought of that old furniture you left on the curb? What happens to it, is it used efficiently ever again? Well, with furniture removal you can do your bit as you can leave it to the experts to make sure your old furniture isn’t left rotting in a junk pit, but is used effectively in recycling so that the world can be made a better place