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Summary Specialist retailer of cloth nappies, organic cotton clothing and natural baby products. We aim to bring the fun into being green! Fill-Your-Pants.com- More Pant Fill, Less Land-Fill!
Address 23 The Leys LE8 0NZ
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Country United Kingdom
Public Email Address info@fill-your-pants.com
Phone Number 0116 2793089
Description reusable nappies- top uk store for all your reusable nappy needs! , find grovia, smartipants, charl
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Nappy Bags and BucketsStylish wet bags and accessories to simplify a mum's eco-conscious lifestyle.Try Cloth for only 10!Try a great selection of the very best, and NEW reusable nappies for just 10!Nappy Bundles - get started!With everything you need all in one place, shopping for nappies just got easier... Storage & Washing - Browse our range of nappy & laundry storage solutions including hampers, hanging pails & nappy stackers. Plus washing detergents & sanitiserstop picksLe Toy Van Cafe